What is Century Direct

It is Easy

Simply stated, Century Direct is a web site with a built in Century Martial Arts catalog.  The catalog has been created and pre-organized so that you can start marketing your school over the web and selling Century Martial Arts products immediately.

It is Fast and Effective

After answering some basic information during sign up, a web site is created and customized so that your web site has your school's name, address, etc. specific to you.  A catalog is assigned and an account created so that you can accept credit cards immediately after signing up.  An email is sent to you with your activation information in it including how to login.  

Once you have logged in and activated your account, you are able to customize your catalog, create email address, update the site's title, header, footer or even common information that displays on every page of your site.  It is as easy as using your machine's editor.

It is Useful Immediately

When an order is placed, the order is transferred to Century Martial art who fulfills the order, drop ships it to your customer and then on the 15th of every month send you a check for the difference between retail and wholesale, less a 5% processing fee for collection and fulfillment costs. 

It is Cost Effective

You are provided a web site, up to 5 email addresses, a built-in catalog with fulfillment, an easy to use web maintenance tool for a low monthly fee.  In fact, we have added additional options now that provide you additional services so that we will maintain the site for you at a low cost.

If you already have a custom site, we provide a catalog only option that provides the money making potention and ease of use of the Century Martial Arts Catalog at a very low cost.