Century Direct Basic Package

The basic package is built for speed and ease of use.  This product gets you everything you need to get going on the Internet.  You are provided a web site, up to 5 email addresses, a built-in Century Catalog, Seach Engine Optimization tools, marketing materials from Century Martial Arts and fulfillment services for your orders.  You never have to touch order placed on your Century Direct web site.

 This product is great for new schools getting started or for those who are familiar with the Internet, but don't want to mess with the hassle of creating a custom web site and maintaining it, hosting it or just working with someone who will.  A Century Direct web site can be up and running in literally 5 minutes!!  ... complete with a basic set of text, pictures, menus, a site map, calendar, online form, and of course the Century Martial Arts built in catalog.

 Each web site is built to be easy to use, maintain and add features.  There are a number of built in page types that we provide.  These page types allow you to use the programming that we have already done for you.

 Some examples are:

  • Calendar
  • Contact Us page - lists address and email
  • Forms - provides both a simple and advanced forms page
  • Survey's - provides a simple web page with a survey on the left or right
  • News Ticker - provides a simple web page with scrolling news on the left or right
  • Files - Upload files and allow visitors to download doc, pdf, xls, and other files
  • Hours of Operation - Fill out a simple for and display your hours of operation
  • Photo Album - Upload photos and display in a album
  • Site Map - Automatically create a site map of your entire site
  • Site Search - Allow visitors to search your site's content
  • And more...

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