Search Engine Black Magic

Relevant Results

The search engines work very hard to ensure their results are what people would want to see and because of this they are always making changes to their algorithms so that computers can't game the system.  The results for them have been good.  What this means to you, is that you must pay special attention to your message and ensure that it is consistent and relevant to viewers of your site.  

Be Relevant and Be Consistent

This takes on a number of forms, but in general it means that if people would see your web site and find it interesting then a search engine would as well.  This means that it will need to be clean to the eye, current and it needs to change occasionally.  However, all this must be done in a way that ensures that your message, in other words the keywords that you want others to use to find you, are consistent.  This consistency needs to be in your content on your home page, in the title tags within your site, on any anchors or any images as well as in any back links (links from other sites coming to you). 

Its Tedious, Let us help

Through this relevance and consistency you will be ranked higher.  What our Search Master package does is to do all of this tedious work for you.  It is a work that is laborious on purpose and when a tool is created that will make it more automated, then the search engines will change their algorithms.  For this reason, there is no replacement for the work required to get a better ranking.  

We utilize a method called a long tail, meaning that we will optimize your site for a particular location.  Since our web service is provided to small businesses in a particular area, it is best suited to this type of optimization.  We will optimize using something like 'martial arts in Tulsa', or 'karate in Tulsa'.  As part of the Search Master service, we will try and optimize three keyword phrases for you.

What You Get

This service will:

  • Help you identify, based on your home page content, the best phrases to optimize in your geographic area (the best phrases may be different by region or city),
  • Update your Home page, title, anchor and image information to optimize your site,
  • Sign you up for Google's web master tools,
  • Sign you up for Google Analytics,
  • Register your site with Google local, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and other free lookup services,
  • Register your site with any local or industry sites you point out to us like the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce,
  • Benchmark your current location based on your keyword phrases,
  • Email to you quarterly reports based on Google ranking, keyword phrase listing location and Google Analytics.

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