Simple, Simple, Simple


If you have found yourself asking these types of questions....

  • When will I have time?
  • How does this really work?
  • Why do I need to understand the Internet to run my school?
  • Why can't I just send this to someone and they do it for me?
  • Why do these web guys charge so much?

The Answer

Then the Web Master service may be for you. You sign up for the a Century Direct web site and catalog, choose one of our built in templates, then let us be your web master.  You simply send us an email with your content in it and we will do  the rest.  We will optimize your home page for the search engines and will help you setup your catalog if you want to customize it.

The Process

The steps you will take are:

  1. Sign up,
  2. Receive your email,
  3. Email us letting us know when you want to get started.

We will step you through the rest:

  1. Logging into the web site and activating it
  2. Selecting a web site theme
  3. Making any site menu changes
  4. Adding to or Updating the site's content
  5. Customizing the catalog by adding coupons, discounts or bundles,
  6. Select keyword phrases that you want to optimize on the search engine.

Once this is done, we will:

  1. Optimize your home page using the keyword phrases from above
  2. Register your site with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other listing sites like and Yelp
  3. Register your site with any local registry's you may be part of like the BBB or local chamber
  4. Maintain your site for you through emails or phone calls from you

Signup Now! and Get Started.