Just the Catalog Please

NEW!  One of the options that we have just added, the catalog only, has come as a request directly from you.  Many of you wanted a custom site, you are already familiar with web technology, or you already have a web site that you like and use for your school.  This product is for you.  We simply provide a catalog, and that's it. 

All of the themes are still available but they only have a catalog/e-commerce tool available, or you can choose an iFrame theme in which you can embed the catalog into an existing site.  

We changed the price so that id can be added to your web site for a low monthly fee.

An Online Pro Shop

To provide our catalog from your  web site you can either:

  1. Pop up a new browser window and place your visitor onto the products page, or
  2. an iFrame can be placed on your site.

Pop Up and Make Money

To pop up a catalog you can place an anchor anywhere on your  site and set the anchor's target to something like '_blank'.  As an example, if your site name was 'mycatalog', then the anchor would be:

<a target="_blank" href="http://mycatalog.cmascatalog.com">Shop our proshop today!</a>

iFrame (for the technical)

The iframe option can be a very good option so that the catalog looks like it is integrated as part of your  site.  However, even though the iframe tag is easy to use, it is bit more complicated in its use.  During a visitor's check out process, we put the site in an SSL (secure) connection because we take credit card information.  However, because an iframe is a browser page within a browser page, your visitor will see your site's connection, not the catalog's. 

For example, if your iframe tag is placed on the page at, 'http://cmascatalog.myschool.com', when your visitor checks out, he or she will continue to see 'http://cmascatalog.myschool.com' in their browsers location url.  Since the url shows 'http', your visitor will believe that the check out process is insecure.

The solution is to put the entire catalog in a secure connection.  To use the example from above, your connection would be 'https://cmascatalog.myschool.com'.  Now your visitor sees a secure connection throughout their catalog experience.

 The iframe tag will look something like (can change depending on your needs):

<iframe border="0" src="http://mycatalog.cmascatalog.com" height="400" width="100%">
Your browser does not support iframes

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