New Features, New Opportunities

What's New?

The new version of Century Direct is the same basic concept as the earlier version you may have experienced, however we have enhanced the editor and added new features like a news ticker and surveys to make your site fantastic.  In addition, there are already more than 35 new templates and more are being developed and added all the time!

New Services

Along with the new features that have been added to the product, we have made numerous changes that make it feasible for us to offer you services in Search Engine Optimization and Web Maintenance.  We can do this work for you cost-effectively.

Catalog Only

This version of the Century Direct software has a Catalog Only feature that was not available in the old version.  If you are using the old version for the catalog, but not using any of the web management or email capabilities, then the new version is for you. 

NOTE:  You don't even need to upgrade, simply register a new Catalog Only site with us and then cancel your old Century Direct account.  Call us for help today!

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