Themes Provide Layout and Style

New Themes

The new version of Century Direct includes 38 new themes at release.  In addition, we already have three additional themes that we integrating and we will be redoing the Century original themes using our new technologies including the drop down menus.

New Site Changes

We are listing 15 new or altered themes as an example of what they look like.  The new technology does a few things differently.  

  1. We try and leave the header as wide open as possible so that you can place just about anything in it.  This includes your logo, pictures, flash, etc.
  2. We have tried, where possible, to allow the header to simply grow with your content.  So, if your header has three lines of content, it will grow with you.  A warning though, this is not always possible with the theme layouts.  Where this is not possible, we have worked hard to use min-height and max-height settings so that your header can shrink and grow within designed limits.
  3. A footer was added to the new themes, so that the site's common content (content on every page in the system) and footer content can exists together. 
  4. New menus were added so that they are javascript/css drop down menus.
  5. A new editor was integrated that includes better file management, integrated multi-media embedding, better anchor capabilities, in context document upload for document references on the page and more.
  6. The content and special editing is done by page rather than by site.  This is accomplished by 'popping up' the edit area and closing it after the change is done rather than it being 'embedded' on the page.  This may cause a few more clicks to complete changes that cut across the entire site, it has been found that this is more straight-forward to use especially for new users.
  7. The menu editing for the site is done from a single page and is handled through a drag and drop tree structure.
  8. Finally, the admin area was reworked to be simple and consistent through out every component.

Some Examples

Sumac Theme


Beech Theme


Boxwood Theme

Buckeye Theme


Cactus Theme


Elm Theme


Elmwood Theme


Gradient Theme


Heather Theme


Ixia Theme


Light Speed Theme


Magnolia Theme


Maple Theme


Plum Theme


Willow Theme