After Signing Up

Complete your paper work

The Century Direct  product allows you to sell Century products right from your web site and Century takes care of the rest.  Because of this you are paid, as the IRS sees it, as a commissioned salesman.  For this reason, to receive payments for the sales, you must:

  1. Complete the W-9 from the IRS,
  2. Fax it back to the Century Direct Team at (800) 400-5485.  (Attention Century Direct),
  3. Fill out the Search and Web Master Information Form if those products were purchased.

Get your Marketing Materials 

Century has created a set of marketing materials that you will be able to use within your school to help market your web site and your catalog.  Download these or call Century and have them sent to you so that you can post them around your school.  Today we have a few publisher files available, and the library will be complete with a variety of publisher and acrobat files very soon!

Choose a Domain name

You should choose a domain name and call us here at Century Direct so that we can assign the new domain name to your Century Direct web site.  If you don't know how to do this, call us and we can help you choose a domain name, register with the Internet and assign it to your site. 

If you already have a domain name or you have chosen to purchase your domain name from a company like, or just call with the domain name.  After we have registered your domain name with  our servers, you will need to change the primary and secondary name servers with your domain registrar (, etc.). The name servers are:

  • Primary nameserver:  '',
  • Secondary nameserver: ''.

Once this is done, your domain will route to your new Century Direct web site.

Domain Name Hints

Your domain name should try and be as close to what you do as possible and because your a local business, you should try to include the city in your domain name.  We do not charge extra to have multiple domain names assigned to your site, therefore you may want to register two.  One that you give to people and one that you use on the web. 

The reason for this is because a domain name like '' will optimize better with the search engine, but a name like '' may be easier for people to remember.

Customize your Catalog

Finally, you will want to setup some discounts or bundles on you site so that you can create a reason for people to start buying from your online catalog.  Especially if one of your objectives is to reduce your inventory and work load, you will want to create incentives for your customers to buy products off your catalog that they normally buy from you.  This will increase your catalog's visibility within you school and get people accustomed to using your product.