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Acceptance Of Terms

Century Direct, ("Licensor"), is pleased to provide you (or "User") with Web site products and services. Your use of any Century Direct service and/or clicking the "I Accept" button at the bottom of Usage Agreement page presented immediately after logging into the site as the administrator for the first time,indicates your complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms of Service Agreement ("Agreement"). Please take a moment to carefully review this Agreement. If there are any terms or conditions that you do not understand, please seek professional advice. This Agreement shall constitute the entire Agreement between you and Licensor. Licensor may change this Agreement at any time, for any reason, without notice to you, and such changes shall be effective immediately. Your continued access and use of the Services shall be construed as your conclusive acceptance of this Agreement, including any changes thereto.

Term and Renewal

This Agreement shall be for an initial term of the accepted payment period (1 month, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years) and shall constitute a binding agreement between you and Licensor (the "Parties"). This Agreement shall be automatically renewed for successive one (1) month terms thereafter until it is terminated in accordance with the termination provisions herein.

Additional Fees

There will be a 5% processing fee associated with all customer orders placed on your Century Direct Site.

Description of Services

Licensor may provide you with one or more of the following features on your Web site depending on the package that you select: business Web site and intranet creation services, business-related Web site pages, third party Content, storage space, Intranet, e-commerce capabilities, domain names, e-mail accounts, chat and messaging services along with Web site hosting, maintenance and support services (collectively, the "Services"). Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new feature that augments or enhances the Services, shall be considered to be part of the Services. Licensor reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Services (or any part thereof), at any time, without notice to you. You expressly agree that you, or any related third party, shall not hold Licensor or its suppliers liable for any losses, damages or consequences whatsoever from such modification, suspension or discontinuation of the Services.

Use Of The Services

You may utilize the Services for personal or commercial purposes subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you use the Services for commercial purposes, you expressly agree to be solely responsible for all goods and services offered on your Web site, and represent and warrant that you have full power and authority under all appropriate laws, including any necessary licenses and permits from all applicable jurisdictions, to engage in the marketing and sale of said goods and services in connection with the Services. You are solely responsible for obtaining access to the Services and any related third party fees (such as Internet service provider fees or airtime charges) as well as any and all equipment necessary to access the Services. You hereby agree that Licensor or its suppliers may establish general policies and limits concerning your use of the Services, including without limitation: (i) the maximum number of days that e-mail messages, message board postings or other uploaded Content will be retained by the Services; (ii) the maximum number of e-mail messages that may be sent from, or received by, a User of the Services; (iii) the maximum size of any e-mail message that may be sent from, or received by, a User of the Services; and (iv) the maximum disk space that will be allotted to a User. Furthermore, you expressly agree that Licensor or its suppliers have no liability for any losses, damages or consequences whatsoever resulting from deletion or failure to store any messages or communications or other Content or material maintained or transmitted by the Services. Licensor may remove Users from the Services that are inactive for an extended period of time. Licensor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to change these general policies and limits at any time, without notice to you. For products sold licensors will charge a 5% surcharge for the fulfillment of product orders.

Grant Of Limited License

Your use of the Services requires you to use certain proprietary software, development tools and utilities of Licensor